About me

I'm a backend developer from Moscow. My primarily languages are Rust, Java, and Kotlin. On a daily basis, I implement various types of APIs (REST, GraphQL, etc.), applications' persistence layer, integration between microservices, some CI/CD tasks, and much more. I enjoy the process of creating software and writing clean, efficient and maintainable code using modern technologies.

Also, I am proficient in the following technologies:

  • GraphQL: Apollo Gateway, Apollo Federation, subscriptions over WebSocket, etc.
  • persistence: SQL, PostgreSQL
  • containers, cloud: Docker, Docker Compose, Google Cloud Platform
  • Rust libraries: Diesel, SQLx, Async-graphql, etc.
  • Spring: Boot, Web, AOP, Data, Test Framework, Security, LDAP, Batch, Caching, HATEOAS, Actuator, etc.
  • Spring Cloud: Gateway, Config, Sleuth, OpenFeign, Netflix OSS (Eureka, Hystrix, Ribbon)
  • testing: JUnit, Hamcrest
  • CI/CD and infrastructure: Git, GitHub, GitLab, Bamboo, Bamboo Specs, Maven, Gradle, Jenkins, monorepo

I have also worked with:

  • Kafka
  • databases and tools: Oracle, MySQL, H2, MyBatis, Liquibase, Flyway, Hibernate, Hibernate Envers
  • testing: Testcontainers, Cucumber, Selenium, Selenide, Allure, Gatling, k6
  • OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • programming languages: Groovy, JavaScript
  • other Java tools, libraries, technologies: YourKit, Lombok, Apache POI, Thymeleaf
  • frontend: HTML, CSS, jQuery, etc.
  • other: Nginx, Swagger, Atlassian stack (Bamboo, BitBucket, Jira, Confluence), documentation tools




  • Russian — Native
  • Ukrainian — Upper-intermediate
  • English — Intermediate

Feel free to contact me if you are interested.

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